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If your business is struggling to compete with other service providers in Cary, NC, consider investing in a commercial EV charging station. The installation cost has come down thanks to advances in EV charging technology, which could give you a competitive edge.

A customer who drives an electric vehicle is likely to stop at a business or convenience store with a commercial EV charging station installation. The good news is that an EVSE installation is not just for big-name brands or large chain stores. Many businesses are investing in EV charging stations to attract more customers.

Why EV Revolution?

EV Revolution has been providing commercial EV charging solutions, including design, construction, and maintenance services in North Carolina since 2017. We are trusted providers of EV charging solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our versatile turnkey commercial EV charging solutions offer seamless integration into any commercial setting while keeping the commercial level 2 charging station cost affordable.

Benefits of Our EV Charging Services

Investing in the best commercial EV charging station at your business or retail store is not just a competitive edge but also a service that you’re offering your customers. When it comes to commercial use, adding an EVSE installation to your business can do wonders to increase foot traffic.

Once contacted, our team will work closely to help your business create value for your customers or tenants by generating a new revenue stream for your establishment. Still on the fence about whether you should invest in an EV charging station? Here are some of the reasons why it is worth investing in EVSE installation.

It’s a Value Add for Customers

From the perspective of a service provider, investing in the cost of installing commercial EV charging stations is considered a value add for customers and is considered a great way to help any business get noticed.

Meets Environmental Concerns

With lowering one’s carbon footprint high up on the list of priorities of savvy customers, there’s a growing desire to solve environmental concerns by using electric vehicles. An EV charger maintenance contract can ensure that your business maintains the high environmental standards envisioned with your commercial EV charging station installation.

Brand Loyalty

Investing in a commercial EV charging station is a great way to put your business on the map. At EV Revolution, we have years of experience designing, building, and installing high-efficiency EV charging stations in Cary, NC, that will improve brand loyalty by showing you care for your clients.

Cost-Effective Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

With the commercial level 2 charging station cost being surprisingly low as compared to a few years ago, you can easily add a fully operational EVSE installation to your business without going over budget or putting your business through any financial strain.

Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property

EVSE installation in Cary, NC, offers the same benefits to owners of commercial complexes who rent out their facilities to startups and SMEs looking to add value to their commercial property.

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